How Would You Like to Have A Cash-Flow-Generating Sales Process Launched in 4 Days?

“Business Boardroom Implementation”

Are you sick and tired of having great ideas that never see the light of day?

Are you ready to turn your vision and idea into reality?

If so, it’s time to join us at the Business Boardroom Implementation.
Business Boardroom Implementation is a one-of-a-kind event that’s designed to help turn your ideas into action.

The ONLY Way in is to complete the application process on the next page. If you are still seeing this page, it means that the application process is still live.

Read This Before Going ANY further:

From the desk of David Chua, Reeve Yew, Jackson Yew & Nicsman Tay

With change and disruption happening faster and more frequently than ever, it’s never been more crucial for businesses to make the right decision, and do the right things at the right time.

And there is no better way to do that by following proven principles and battle-tested strategies verified by people who have “been-there-done-that”

The whole purpose of the 4 of us coming together, an hosting this intensive is very simple:

“To Provide You With The Right Mindset, Skillset, Toolset & Strategies, So That You Can Thrive in 2023, Without Having To Waste Unnecessary Time, Energy & Effort”

If you want to join us at the Business Boardroom Implementation…

have all your sales and marketing assets launched in just 4 days

... You'll Have EVERYTHING Done... Professionally

Assets that…
ATTRACT Prospects to your business like bees to honey
CONVERT cold skeptics to raving clients
SCALE your business with the right strategies
…all for a fraction of the cost, headaches and heartaches of doing it on your own

After the 4 Days of implementation,
you will walk away with:

Laser-Targeted Customer Avatar

  • Getting crystal clear on WHO you sell to is critical to WHAT you sell and HOW you sell to them
  • Use our proven process to get laser focused on the behavior of your target audience, so that you create marketing and sales materials that speaks to their hearts

Your 2023 Marketing Blueprint

  • With increasingly frequent changes and disruptions, it is important to have insights so that you are able to to take the right action at the right time
  • Once you have identified your “Dream Customer Profile”, we will work with you to help you get clear on designing your “No-Brainer-Hard-to-Say-No-Irresistible” Offer. (yes, in today’s day and age, having a “good enough” offer ain’t gonna cut it.)

Your Million-Dollar “Elevator Pitch”

  • With the decrease in attention span, it has increased the challenge on how can businesses capture and convert people’s attention on the internet
  • Long, windy and fluffy pitch will no longer work from 2023 onwards
  • Use our Million Dollar “Elevator Pitch” template to help you craft a pitch that gets people to take action

All Your Marketing Ads Shot

  • You only burn money on ads when you do not know what you are doing
  • We have spent over 8 figure in ad spend to figure out what works and what doesn’t
  • Follow our ad creation process to get all your ads created

A Highly Converting Sales Funnel

  • Having a lead VS having a qualified lead that becomes a paying customers are two different things
  • We will show you how to present your offers so that people goes through the sale process happily, without feeling being manipulated or suspicious
  • The answer lies behind understanding the psychology of why and how people buy

Our daily consultation rate is 

RM 50,000 per day.

4 of us, for 4 days
4 x 4 x RM 50,000
…we’ll let you do the math
Yes, you will have access to millions worth of assets: Proven Process, Templates, Private Studio, Over 40+ decades of combined experience

For only one payment of just RM 25,000

RM 9,997


RM 1,997

for “Fly In The Wall Experience”
(Observe ONLY)


(“Fly In The Wall Experience”)

RM 1,997

  • 1 General Admission Ticket to “Business Boardroom Implementation”
  • You get to sit in and observe the entire workshop that we do with the VIP Clients



RM 9,997

  • 1 VIP Ticket to “Business Boardroom Implementation” (worth RM 125,000)
    Laser-Targeted Customer Avatar
    Your 2023 Marketing Blueprint
    Your Millions Dollar “Elevator Pitch”
    All Your Marketing Ads Shot
    A Highly Converting Sales Funnel
  • Receive direct coaching, review, and feedback from David, Reeve, Jackson & Nicsman (worth RM 800,000)
  • Get Access to our team of videographers and photographers

    (worth RM 7,500 - RM 12,000)
  • Get Access to David Chua & Reeve Yew’s Million Dollar Presentation Formula + Slides Template (worth RM 25,000)
  • Business Boardroom Digital Vault
 (worth RM 4,997)
    5G Marketing Academy Digital Library
    E-Book Library
    Motherload Vault Training
    PLR Assassin
  • Business Boardroom Physical Box 
(worth RM 9,997)
    Video Cue Cards
    30-Day Content Calendar
    30-Day Content Planner
    Million Dollar Value Post Book
    Social Media Value Post Book
  • “Business In A Box” USB (worth RM3,997)


Available to you today ONLY at

RM 9,997

Due to the capacity of our studio, we can only accept 30 participants

Here’s how to claim a spot at the Business Boardroom Implementation workshop…

The only way to reserve a spot is to complete the application process on the next page.

Follow the instructions, provide the required information, and you’ll have a good chance of getting in.

We are intentionally choosing the people that we want to spend time working with, so if the application process sounds troublesome for you to go through and that’s something that stops you from building your dream business, please do you and I a favor, and don’t apply ;)

BUT, if you are impact-driven, you have a burning desire to have your dream business launched, then apply now and join us at the Business Boardroom Implementation workshop.

If You Did This On Your Own...

You'd Have To:

Educate yourself on the WHAT and HOW (RM 8,000 to RM 2 Mil)

You’ll have to invest your own time and money to go through all the marketing and sales trainings out there…and it will take you months (if you’re lucky enough to find legit ones) or if not years to truly master the art and science of sales and marketing

Hire a videographer (RM 5,000 to RM 25,000)

Not all videographers are created equal, it’ll take you time to find a videographer that understands the fundamentals of marketing, and understand what it is that you want. And mind you, marketing requires a lot of testing, and most videographers out there charges on a per video basis

Taking months, if not, years to launch your profitable funnel (Insert Amount of Lost Opportunity Cost for you)

Lost opportunity for revenue aside, going through the “hair-pulling” experience of not knowing what works, and having to figure out all on your own, won’t be a good experience to have (we can say so, because we have all been through that). And we can tell you that there is nothing more worth it than investing in someone who has “been there, done that” to hold you by the hand and bring you to the promised land

Trying to not get ripped of by marketing agencies (RM 10,000+ multiply the number of months of trial and error)

Or maybe you got a little smart, and decided to let the “experts” take care of everything for you. But you soon realize that the good ones are not cheap. And the cheap ones…you get what I mean…

Blood, Sweat, Tears and Heartaches

Okay, I might have gone a little overboard. But the point is, starting and running a business alone isn’t easy. And to get to the promised land, there is a price to pay (Time and Money), you are going to pay them either way, through your own mistakes and detours OR someone to help make it easier

The One And ONLY...

Business Boardroom Implementation 2023

with David Chua, Reeve Yew, Jackson Yew, and Nicsman Tay.

  • Avengers Incubator, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
  • 16 Feb 2023 to 19 Feb 2023, 10am to 6pm Daily

Ready to Join Us at the Boardroom Implementation Bootcamp?